Friday, November 16, 2007

The Lord only gives us.....how much????

Apparently the Lord thinks I'm really Wonder Woman or something--just kidding, of course, I'm sure there's a reason for it all...but last night I stopped by my Mom's assisted living apartment to check on her cat (she is still in the nursing home recovering from her broken hip).

Anyhow, it looked to me like they had shampooed her carpet, which they've done before. But her fridge was pulled out from the wall, some of her furniture was moved, and there was an electric fan running in her hallway that wasn't hers. Then I noticed that the kitty litter box had been moved from its regular spot, and the plastic tablecloth that we keep under the litter box had been thrown into the bathtub. At this point I got concerned.

So I went and tracked down the night shift gal, and she told me that a pipe had broken and flooded my mom's apartment. I don't have a problem believing this, because her apartment is right next to the laundry room....apparently they had to "pump all the water out".

So, knowing that, I went back into the apartment and realized that on the floor of her closet were a number of cardboard boxes that were full of clothes and other things, and of course they were just soaked. Basically everything that was sitting on the floor in her bedroom, bathroom or closet was soaked. It was midnight and I was overwhelmed...a common feeling for me lately...

Anyhow, what I opted to do was empty the boxes, throw away anything that didn't look important or wearable, and now tonite I am going to do a ton of laundry and organizing, so that when my mom comes back to her apartment to visit her kitty, she won't be able to tell much has changed at all. I hope, anyhow.


Pann said...

gee, just what you "need" right now!

Was the cat ever found?

Carol said...

Oops...sorry--yes, the kitty was in the apartment, looking extremely inconvenienced, but everything seemed fine with him, thank goodness!!! I don't know how I could have broken bad news about her cat to her...