Monday, November 12, 2007

Deja Vu all over again

About three months ago, I was going through my "change jar", pulling out all the "real silver" coins before I turned in the change to the bank. DD was very interested in what I was doing, and, as I think there are a lot of learning opportunities to be found by examining coins, I decided to show her the various foreign coins I have been collecting over the years. Some of them I have had since I was 8 or 9 years old, some of them showed up in the till when I was working at a convenience store, and some of them, I just don't know where they came from. But I have some coins from all over the world--England, Scotland, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Israel...you get the picture.

One of my favorite coins of all was/is a coin from the Philippines. It is/was square, with four distinct sides. I've had it since I was about DD's age, and I really like that coin. I remember specifically showing her that one.

Well, yesterday Jim gave me some paper money from Egypt (they apparently no longer use coins there) and so I went to show him all my other coins.

And, you guessed it, the square one was gone. And boy am I angry. I know that she did not have a large window of opportunity to help herself. But I think she did have a chance, as I trusted her briefly (my bad).

I realized that I have no evidence. I doubt that DH took it, because if he was taking that money, he would've taken all of the coins, not just a "cool" one. He has never been interested in "cool" coins except in spending them. Nobody else except DD knew I had those coins. And, as with the gold dollars, the foreign coins were locked in our bedroom except for that brief time when I showed them to DD.

I keep trying to think of some other explanation. I don't want to believe that she would do that. But she has done it before--she was the first person to steal from me (before DH did), but I had thought that she had grown up since then.

I don't want to make false accusations. I really really want to be wrong about this. I have looked in all the places where I could have mistakenly put it, like the change jar, the bucket of gold dollars, etc., it's just not there. It's possible that I could have maybe dropped it or something, but in 20 years I have never lost it, I've always been very careful to keep those coins safe.

I also know that chances are, if confronted, DD will deny it, even if she's guilty. And since I don't have the coin as evidence, I'm not even sure if confronting her is the right thing to do. It is possible that the coin is somewhere in her room. We'll see.

Anyhow, I, figuring that there was no chance that I'd ever see that coin again, decided to find one on Ebay. While I was perusing Ebay, I saw some pictures of other coins and I realized that there are more coins missing than just the one I noticed right away. Now I'm beyond angry. But I'm in a parenting quandary, because I can't prove she took them. I hate this. I hate this. I hate this. Right now it feels like I can't trust anyone at all. And it makes me want to cry.


Pann said...

Carol, that's just awful.

I hope there are some people you can talk to and trust to support you.

I really feel for you.