Monday, August 13, 2012

DD update

DD has continued to struggle with her behaviors at the group home she is in.  We did have to have a special meeting as she has been bullying the other residents, and when confronted with this, she became very angry, ran out of the house, and tried to jump into a moving car in the street :-(

So.....what seems to have been decided at this point....DD will remain in the group home she is in for the time being.  If she continues to bully the other residents, she will have to move to a different home (run by the same company) as soon as an opening is available.  They are theorizing at this time that she may need to move every year, as once she gets "too comfortable", she starts feeling like she is in charge and can do no wrong.

I have been trying to wean down her visits from every other weekend to maybe every third weekend or so.  I just get tired of dealing with it--the whining, the arguing, the manipulation.... I have some guilt with this, of course, but I am finding myself having very little patience with her lately, and I think it'd probably be better for all of us if she didn't come home so much.  And I think, too, that there is so much water under the bridge, that it's very hard to go back to the way things ought to be.  I think some time apart might help with that.  But I've never done this before, so maybe I'm wrong.