Saturday, October 6, 2007


Well, nothing like a little panic to set your priorities straight! I just got a look at our new prescription plan for next year and whoa. It looks like DH's prescriptions are going through the roof. I have no idea how to pay for these, I can't pay what they cost now, and that's nowhere near what they will cost next year. It's pretty sad when you have a "good job" with insurance and you can't afford to use it and you can't afford the prescriptions. I'm hoping we can get some kind of assistance somewhere, or things will be looking pretty bleak.

Even if I stop contributing completely to my 401k, which is the only retirement we have, I still don't think there's any realistic way I can cover those prescription costs. I'm scared. But I won't tell DH yet, because it'll probably send him into another tailspin and he hasn't recovered from the one last night.