Thursday, October 25, 2007

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

Well, here it is, Thursday, and "That Guy" still seems to be missing in action. DH seems to be very understanding, and willing to listen to reason, and that is so wonderful!!!! Today, DD came home, apparently she got in a fight on the school bus with an 8 year old boy. DH was ready to go and "have a word" with the boy's parents. I reminded him that DD does not have a reputation for truthfulness when she gets in trouble, and that the school bus driver and the school authorities could handle it without him "having a word" with anyone....and he actually looked at me and said "Ok". I was floored. At the very least, I expected an argument of some sort, and I also expected that he wouldn't even hear what I was saying, let alone "listen" to it....

I was really expecting a mood swing. Actually, every time I look at him, I am expecting him to be upset about something, and it isn't happening. He just keeps saying "no problem" and "ok". So I suppose the next mood swing will be a doozie.

I have noticed that the big drama and mood swings seem to happen more frequently on Fridays, when I'm not home. So, being as tomorrow is Friday, I'm expecting to run into "That Guy" again and have my hopes dashed. But I'm very willing to be proven wrong!!!!

Here are some things he has done in the last couple of days that have been wonderful: He sold one of his guns to Jim for $140. He spent $70 of that quickly, then asked me to stash $60 for him, so he would not have easy access to it!!!!!! Amazing. Hopefully he won't get angry with me during a mood swing for stashing it, that has happened before. And.....drum roll please.....he started to fill out his bankruptcy forms!!!!!!!!!!! He didn't finish, I don't think he was expecting them to be as time-consuming as they were, but he did start on them, and that's more than he's done since May!!!! That really gets me excited, because maybe we're making some progress....I know I shouldn't get my hopes up, but every time he acts like his "old self", I start remembering what things used to be like and I want that back so badly....