Tuesday, October 9, 2007

One of those days

Today I really didn't have much of a chance to talk to DH at all, except for the 27 times I had to wake him up because his friend Jim (the one who is going to build the new chicken house) was knocking on the door, wanting to get going. But once he was really awake, it seems like today was probably another "good" day. I'm not sure if we can credit it to the new meds, to Jim being there, or just to dumb luck, but no matter what, I'll take it.

We had a meeting for DD's IEP plan for school this morning, too. I was so proud of her, all of her teachers had wonderful things to say, and her reading level has gone from the low 4th grade level to the high 6th grade level in ONE YEAR!!! I just beamed all the way home, I'm so incredibly proud of her!!!!

Basically, aside from that, I just slept all day, until I had to take one of our dogs (Kirby--age 14, blue heeler mix) and one of our cats (Ninja--age 1, mutt kitty) to the vet. Kirby has been having some problems with losing weight, it appears that his kidneys are not functioning very well. But I was pleased to see that he had regained all the weight that he had lost in the last few weeks, so with him, we are just going to play the "wait and see" game.

Ninja, on the other hand, has been having an eye problem ever since we got him neutered about a month ago (he was one of those strays that I always seem to end up with!) Anyhow, he has entropion, a condition where the lower eyelid turns inward and the fur/hair rubs against the eye. The vet has seen this often in dogs, but never in a cat (lucky us!) so we have to hope that we can get it fixed without surgery, but it's looking like that might be a possibility. But Ninja doesn't seem too bothered by it, he just sucks up all the attention like a sponge, then flops down on the vet table and shows off his glamorous tummy, just in case someone hasn't noticed that he needs some attention. That cat would take attention over food any day, even if he was starving to death!!!

Anyhow, I guess it's been a good day, apparently any bipolar drama seems to have been contained, and that is always a very good thing!