Thursday, April 17, 2008

What I found out today

Now I'm not sure if you all know this or not, but DH goes to see his therapist every week. For a while there, before they gave him the Lithium, he was going to DBT (Dialectical behavioral therapy) once a week also. When DH first started going to therapy, they charged him a $20 copay. They made quite a big deal of it, and if he got behind more than one week, they refused to let him schedule any more appointments. One time (surprise) he bounced one of his own checks (this was when he was still working) for a copay for therapy. Then they wouldn't take his checks any more, but they still insisted on the $20 copay, or no more appointments. That $20 every week was very hard to come up with at the time, as it has taken me a year and a half (right up until about two months ago) to finally be able to pay the bills and not have to do the "which one will we pay this month" thing. But at some point, they didn't ask for the copay any more. DH speculated that it was because he wasn't working, and perhaps his income ($0) qualified him for reduced fee(s)?

I have to admit, I didn't press very hard to find out more about this at the time. If they didn't ask DH for the money, and he still got to go to therapy every week, then it was much easier for me. LOL. Let this be a lesson to all of you who prefer to "pay later". I kind of knew, in the back of my head, but hoped I was wrong.

But today, DH was informed that he has a $720 bill for unpaid copays. And not only that, but they will no longer allow him to make appointments without having made the copay right then and there. Argh. I am hoping that I can work something out with them that will be gentle. This is my own "head in the sand" fault, really. And the bankruptcy attorney has said that this bill is probably going to get put on my shoulders because if DH claims it in his bankruptcy, he probably won't be able to go to therapy there any more, and we can't have that, at least not until he's really, really stable....another day, another bill, right?


perphila said...

Would there be any way DH could be the one who tries to work out a payment plan? The bill is his responsibility and even if you offer to be there to support and even pay it perhaps his contribution would be to be the one handling the negotiations. I dunno but maybe it could a way of giving him some confidence in dealing with a problem and keep you from being totally enabling? I don't know if he is in a place to handle something like that though. As for the rest, if it's too good to be true (like no copays) then it probably is. I have learned that the HARD way...:)

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