Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Amazing, really

Well, DH is still doing pretty good! The Lithium has changed so many things, I'm not sure I can cover all of them in this post, but I will try to cover the most important ones, anyhow....

First, after the diabetes diagnosis, DH has been drinking a LOT more water than he used to. But even better than that, he's switched to diet pop. So now, instead of the calories of 12-18 full-blown Cokes, he's getting 0. Yayyyy!!!! And all the water makes it cheaper still!!!

Second, he's been getting up in the morning. He's been cleaning, he's been noticing things. He's started to talk about the future again. He's being more adamant about finding a job. He "was going to go out" and look for a job today, but apparently he ran out of time, as he had my car and I had to go to work (or that's what he says)...I think he still isn't making smart choices with his time or his money, but things are so much better than I ever thought they would be again....

Now, here's a conversation I had with him just last night.
DH: I feel really good.
Me: That Lithium is really great, isn't it?
DH: Yes, it feels....it feels....like I've been gone for two years and now I'm back. And all this stuff is messed up. I know I did it, but it doesn't feel like it could have been me. And I feel like I can fix these things eventually. I feel like I've been in a fog and all of a sudden the fog has lifted....

How cool is that?

On the downside, he did have a little "mood swing" today, he left to "get a haircut and find a job" (he did get a haircut, but spent his job-hunting time eating a 4-piece fried chicken dinner (not a smart financial choice for someone who only had $20 pre-haircut to his name....) anyhow, he got home and I was still asleep and he got mad because I hadn't let the dogs out (my logic is, why should I let the dogs out, since he was the one that was up already....) anyhow....I had no idea that it was that big of a deal, but apparently it was, so I just left him being mad, and I came into the bedroom 15 minutes later, and he said "I don't feel right". I asked him if he was having a mood swing, and he said he thought so. Then about 15 minutes after that, he said he felt better, but I left anyhow. So the mood swings are still there, they're just not all day long and absolutely furious about things lately....I'll take the improvement any day, but I wish they'd go away completely, and he would just get mad over "normal" things, like regular people.