Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tomorrow's the big day....

DH is starting his new job tomorrow.

I'm probably more nervous than he is, because if he falls apart on this one, pretty much all the people in town who don't know what has been going on with DH will be gossiping about him. And if he can't keep it together and keep this job, I'm afraid he'll get really discouraged, too.

Basically, I've got the same fears that I had the last time he set out to work (at the place where the paychecks were bouncing, etc...)

DH alternates between excited and scared, too.

And when I think about the income, I get all hopeful....DH has agreed to have his pay deposited into my account and he will get an allowance, probably about $125 every two weeks for gas and cigs and whatever else he wants....that should basically (assuming it all goes that way) give me more wiggle room and a better chance to pay down some of this debt and put aside some more savings. Yaaayyy!!!

Unfortunately it seems like nothing ever goes like my "happy" fantasies, LOL.

So until he is firmly ensconced in this new job, i.e., has received more than one or two paychecks, I'll just be looking at it as a nice little bonus.

Oh--and he still doesn't have any back pain....


Anonymous said...

Best of luck to him! Hope all goes well for him AND you.

perphila said...

Good luck..good luck! I am praying that things go well for the both of you. Thinking of things as a bonus seems like a good self defense mechanism for yourself.