Thursday, April 10, 2008

What do you think?

Today, before I was out of bed, DH asked me for money for gas. However, he told me yesterday, that his mom had wired him some money, fifty dollars, to be exact. So, being as how he had more money than I did, I didn't see why I should put money in his gas tank so that he can have "fun money". And when I tried to explain that to him, he got offended, got in his truck and drove off. Me, wide awake now, I thought, "Well, "That Guy" is back again...I guess things are back to 'normal'".

Then DH came back, only 10 minutes later, which was very unusual for "That Guy". And he wasn't mad any more, he acted like nothing happened. I didn't know what to make of it.

Then, DH and Jim cleaned the yard up!

But, then, when I called DH to remind him to take his Lithium at 10pm, he asked me for gas money instead, but was very nice and non-pouty about it. I explained once again, that as his mom wired him $50, he had more money than I did. He said he wanted to get his hair cut and buy cigarettes. And he didn't whine, it was just like he was explaining his reasons. So I told him I'd give him some money tomorrow.

DD's therapy was intense. We spent most of the hour with DD's therapist trying to explain to DD why it was not ok for us to allow her to go to her bio mom's right now. Then, DD got angry with her, too. But the therapist is really good, and helped us write up a "Procedural Plan" for how to handle visits for the next few weeks. And then we added on a little "addendum" at the end, stating that if the visiting plans result in emotional or behavioral issues with DD, then we will simply reschedule next time. And we put it all in writing. And DD is still angry with me, and with her therapist. But not much I can do about that!


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