Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Oh for Pete's Sake!

A coworker of mine bought a townhouse a few years back. Because paying for this has severely cramped her financial style (and to top it off, she has an ARM, but that's a whole 'nother post), she's been complaining about the townhouse and how she needs to sell it. After listening to her tell me how much she could get for it (and I'm virtually certain that she's sadly mistaken on that front, being as several units in her development are already foreclosed on or for sale), and how broke she is, I recommended that she read the book "How to Get What You Want in Life with the Money You Already Have", by C. Keeffe. This is a beginners' personal finance book that helps you figure out where your money goes, what's really important to you, and how to get started saving for things you really want. This book is what finally got me started on putting money aside, and although I don't agree with some ideas, it's a motivating book, and easy to follow, for anyone.

So she ordered it from the library. I was thinking, "Now, she'll see the light. If she stops spending money on stupid stuff, she'll have more money for the good stuff."

So today I saw her and asked her what she thought of the book. "Well, you know, I read the part about using a different container for each thing you're saving up for. That's probably a good idea, you know, saving up for things. But I need a more immediate result. Sorry."


Oh for Pete's Sake!!!!! No wonder the economy is a mess.