Thursday, July 24, 2008

A brief appearance today...

Today I got home at 7:30am. DD had to be at summer school by 8, so I brought her there, and then DH had his job interview at 10, so I spent 45 minutes trying to get him out of bed. He finally got up, went into the living room, and came back 5 minutes later and told me that he "rescheduled" the interview (can you say bad move?)

And he went back to bed.

I was angry, not so much because of the wrecked interview (somehow I figured he'd sabotage it) but because I only had 3 1/2 hours to sleep before I had to go pick up DD and I spent 45 minutes of that trying to get his sorry *** out of bed, and then he didn't even go!!!

So then I got up at 11:30 because I had to go pick up DD, and then we got home and I slept for another hour. Then we went to her therapy appointment. DD's therapist is the best, she always makes me feel better....and this time was no different. I left the therapy session feeling much less frustrated.

So then I went to work, and I realized that I had forgotten to feed the chickens, so I called DD and asked her to. Since she has a habit of "forgetting", I tried to call her back several times to remind her, but nobody answered. DH finally called, and asked me why I hadn't called his cell phone. I told him that I was trying to call DD, and did't need to talk to him. Apparently he took that wrong, because he had a mood swing then and abruptly ended the conversation. It felt just like pre-Lithium, where he would get angry when I would expect him to do certain things. Luckily, I was so tired, I just didn't care!

About three hours later, he called me and all was "forgotten". He talked about the cats and DD as if nothing had happened.

AND OH!!!!! I ALMOST FORGOT TO TELL YOU!!!! THE OFFICIAL WORD IS JIM IS LEAVING ON MONDAY!!!!! YAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!! DH thinks it's "for good", but I'm more inclined to think that he'll be back as soon as he figures out that he's not going to "reform" that girl and he needs a new place to stay....but I hope I'm wrong!!! Jeez I wish I had money, I'd really like to replace that stupid couch he's slept on all year, I want my living room back, with no reminders of him at all!!!!! (But I know that barring a really good curbside find, the odds of replacing that couch are slim at the moment...)


Lorna said...

Sorry it wasn't such a good day for you, it must be incredibly frustraing for you. (hugs)

YAYYY that Jim is going to be leaving. I don't don't know the story of why he ended up sleeping on your sofa, but having anyone living with for even a short time tests your patience. How you manage to have him there for a year, whilst looking after a mentally ill husband, working all the hours and looking after a child you must have the patience of a saint!

Carol said...

Hi Lorna! Jim is a childhood friend of DH's. He is an Iraq war veteran and had worked for quite some time in Iraq as a civilian. He came back to the U.S. for a "visit", and we were happy to have him.

At the time (last autumn, if you can believe it), DH was not doing well, and through all this time, even now, Jim has been a huge help. But he just didn't take any hints as to the possibility that we might want our living room back someday. Neither me nor DH wanted to hurt his feelings by telling him point blank that he had to go--he's done so much for us when we really needed the help, but it's very exciting to think about being a 3-person family again :-)

perphila said...

The sheer will you have to keep cool not only under stress but with the lack of sleep is amazing. Sleep is so important. I would be angry too if I lost even a second to someone who could be helping out. Still, you do what has to be done reguardless. You can be proud of that.....:)
As for Jim, one less mouth to feed and a chance for getting your family back. I know I could ask a friend or family member to move in and help with babysitting or whatever but I would lose my sense of privacy and I would be unhappy. You can be grateful for all the help and we can see you are. I am sure he will want a life of his own back too...:)