Friday, July 11, 2008

Hopeful update

Well, we made it through the Bankruptcy thing, supposedly in a month it'll be discharged and we'll owe $40,000 less than we did. I did give some thought to joining him in the bankruptcy, to get rid of the credit card bills, but I'm not ready to give up my good credit rating, and I think I'd have to give up my car, too, because it's worth more than what they allow you to keep. I'll just keep plugging away on the cards, if I can keep them from being used, they'll get paid off eventually....

Today, DH went out to the yard with Jim and split a bunch of firewood. Then he did laundry. And folded it. And that in itself was a good day. But the best part was when he started talking about going job-hunting.

He called me at work and had me look at the casino's website, and they have a lot of openings for jobs that pay $7 an hour and $8 an hour. I told DH this, and he started to get really excited! (Remember pre-Lithium, when he didn't want to work at the casino at all "because someone might see him working there"? He says he doesn't care any more.)

So I reminded him of the jobs lady that knew "someone" at the casino, who had offered DH a job several months ago, that he opted not to take. He started to get even more excited, and started to wonder if he could still take advantage of that--he said he is going to call that jobs lady first thing in the morning, so that hopefully she can help him.

I also found some fast food restaurants that are hiring. And I fantasized about DH having a "regular" job. He seems really excited, and ALMOST seems to have let go of that other place. He did bring up going back there to "talk to them", but I told him to wait until he was at a good place mentally, where he felt like he could handle them saying negative things about him and probably still not paying him. I don't have a problem at all with him trying to get the money that's owed to him, but I don't want him to go there and end up feeling a million times worse than he does, and still not getting anything good out of it....does that make sense? Maybe I'm wrong, but he gets so down when he thinks he's a big piece of ****, and it seems like if he goes there, he's just inflicting more of that pain on himself. And it also seems like an honest employer would have just up and mailed the check out if they wanted him to have it...who knows? I really don't expect I'll ever know what happened there.

But hearing DH sound so positive about going job hunting made me really feel good, too. Lately I feel less stressed about money. I don't know why, I don't have any more of it than usual, but I'll take that peace, any day.


Lorna said...

Glad things are moving in the right direction for you both. It's great that you DH is seeming more positive and looking for work. You do so much, I don't know how you manage at all. You are doing great.

Lorna x x

Pann said...

Hang on to that hope, it might be what gets you through the next hard spot.

I hate to be a wet blanket, but I really wonder if a casino is a good place for someone with bipolar to work. Lithium or not, sounds like he's not quite out of the woods yet and I worry he'd be tempted to try to take his earnings and double them, and end up losing instead.

perphila said...

I am glad DH seems excited about working again. I have no idea how you feel but reading about his mood swings makes me tired. From down about his last job to wanting to look for work the next day seemingly. I only hope this is what he needs to get out his current slump. Then again, I am also used to it from my husband...:) I am also wondering about a casino job. What would the people at Spenders recommend? Is there a lesser of two evils in this situation? I am hoping and praying things work out.