Sunday, July 13, 2008

I think I forgot to tell you all?

Hi, there were a couple of comments expressing concern about DH getting a job at the casino--I think I must've neglected to mention that the casino has a rule that if you work there, you cannot gamble there, even if you are off duty. It's probably because of people like DH, spending their paychecks before they even get home, LOL....even if he gets a job in the hotel, he still can't gamble there. So it might actually be a double benefit! The jobs guy wasn't available though, until Monday, so I'll let you know what happens....our area is so economically depressed, that there really isn't much, except the fast food/convenience stores, an occasional restaurant (but in the current economy, those are struggling and laying off people), or the casino.

There is only one factory within driving distance, and they are NEVER hiring. People in town who are lucky enough to get in at the factory stay there for life....and they make things out of plastic there, too, so they might be facing layoffs in the near future if the price of oil doesn't stabilize....so I think, if DH isn't so worried about someone seeing him working at the casino, that he should do that. With the numbers of employees that they have, they've no doubt got training and if he goes through the jobs guy, they'll already on some level be aware of his mental health, so that might be good too. Cross your fingers!


perphila said...

Yes, you did forget to mention that part...:) I would rather be seen working in a casino that a fast food place. I have done that before and never want to go back. I hope things work out. The fingers are crossed!