Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Today was a good day

DH finally went and applied for a job at the casino. He has an interview for a dishwasher/housekeeper tomorrow morning (crossing fingers). He felt good about that. I tried to urge him to apply at some other places, that way if he doesn't get a job at the casino, he won't feel so hopeless. But so far he hasn't listened to me on that one...

And remember that girl that Jim is supposedly "seeing"? The one who is um....well....a "former non-heterosexual"? Well, supposedly she is back in the U.S. and called Jim and he was planning on leaving as soon as she called back and gave him the word. So I was really excited all weekend, because although he has helped me and DH both out immensely, I really really need him to go. But it's really tough to ask someone, who's done hundreds of dollars worth of work, given DH hundreds of dollars (before he was aware of how bad the spending was), taken care of all of the animals, re-did the duck house, chicken house, fencing, watched DD when nobody else was able to, how do you say, "Sorry, man, I know you've done a lot, but we want you to leave."

Well, anyhow, the "significant other" still hasn't called. Jim didn't even go to bed on Saturday night, because he was so sure she would call and then he was going to leave. But she still (on Tuesday), has not called. Not sure what that means. Prior to this, I had my heart set on just telling Jim myself that we need the living room back. But the day that was going to happen, he went out and used the wood splitter to split about 4 cords of firewood. Then he stacked it all up. Then he painted both of the toolsheds. And suddenly I felt like a meanie, so I didn't say anything. I really hope that girl calls. Even though I know in the end he's going to get dumped, and/or taken advantage of, DH has tried to warn him, and, well, that didn't work out too well. So if ANYTHING could get him to go, it would be easier on me, for sure...

Anyhow, so we're still waiting on a phone call. On Sunday morning, on my way home from work, I stopped by the grocery store and in the "half price" meats section (where they mark down the meats that are just about to be too old to sell), they had two whole chickens for $2.99 each, so I bought them both. Before I left for work, I put a couple of cans of green beans in the crockpot, then put one of the chickens on top of those, with some water. Then I put some olive oil on the chicken and added some seasoning salt, some garlic and some pepper (I think--I don't completely remember), and just let it cook all day. DH called me and couldn't stop telling me how good it was...and the whole meal was about $4.50 total, including a few slices of bread--I love when that happens! And he just raved about it--that made me feel really really good, even though I really didn't do anything except throw the stuff into the crockpot!

I hope tomorrow goes as good as today did.


perphila said...

I love the crock pot. It is a wonderful, wonderful thing...:)