Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just a little note:

Jim called today (are you surprised? I'm not). He is still visiting with his family and has not gone to see that girl yet. According to DH, he was very concerned about how DH was doing and how all the animals are doing. He asked so many worried questions that it was apparent, even to DH, that he misses us/our house/our family life. DH told me that he did not invite Jim to come back, but did not completely close that door, either. I'm actually a little surprised he's been gone as long as he has. I am still predicting that he will be back and we will still have to actually ask him to leave. But I've been wrong before! I'm just a little skeptical that him leaving would suddenly be so easy for him, when for 10 months he hasn't been able to bring himself to leave....I sure do enjoy the empty living room, though--it feels like a home again!