Monday, June 2, 2008

Disqualified by bipolar

Well, I know I told you that I'm sure DH isn't ready to work yet. But we (I) are really hurting for money. We've still got a $600 dentist bill to pay, and I am thinking that propane will be about $1200 to fill the tank this fall, and I have no idea where that is coming from :-(

So anyhow, to save gas, since my bank is in the same town as DH's Spenders meetings, I decided to ride with him. It was a pleasant drive--for the most part, I've really been enjoying his company lately. He talked about getting a job, and as we were driving, there was a McDonald's with a big "Now Hiring" sign. DH said he just couldn't apply at a fast food place, and I wasn't too worried, since I had already decided that working would probably be a bad idea for him....

Anyhow, on the way back, I decided that I would treat us each to lunch off the dollar menu at McDonald's. While we were there, DH suddenly struck up a conversation with the manager and walked out of there with a job interview. I was very excited for him!

So (as an aside), guess what he did next? Since having an interview is almost the same as having a job, which is almost the same as having a paycheck, he went to the hardware store and charged a $40 labeling machine to label his nail/screw containers in the tool shed! (I'm not sure if you remember, but in our small town, you can open a "charge" account at many of the stores, it's based on your good name/reputation) He did have the good sense to confess, and he admitted it was a very bad idea. I told him that I thought he should maybe try to brainstorm and see if he could figure out why he did that. He agreed, but I don't think he's given it much thought yet.

Anyhow, he went to his interview, and they told him he's "overqualified". So he didn't get it. I thought he would have been feeling rejected again, especially when you can't get hired at McDonald's, but he handled it fine, and then told me he is "going to get up early and REALLY pound the pavement and find himself a job." So maybe being "overqualified" isn't such a bad thing....?

Today was a "good day". He was in a good mood and handled all of his stressors very well. I can't wait for the time to come when all of his days are like that, but I'll take what I can get right now!!


perphila said...

Doesn't that fustrate you? It bugs me and I have lost hair about it. The idea that, oh I will be getting this paycheck so I can spend money to get this or that. Sean's reasoning for spending all the savings was he would replace it with his disability and he would get a job for money we could live on. Not one dime has been replaced. He used to do it with tax returns too. That we can get this for christmas since we can "borrow" on money that doesn't exsist yet. I am still striving for acceptance that I will never see any of that money again. *sigh*