Thursday, May 29, 2008

Guess what was wrong with the wood splitter?

Remember last night when DH was so upset because he worked on the wood splitter, worked on it some more, and he was almost suicidal because he couldn't get it to start?

Well, he brought the entire wood splitter in to the guy in town today who does the small engine stuff, thinking it was something very tough to figure out and probably expensive too. The first thing the guy said to DH was, "Why do you have the throttle set so low?" DH said, "I turned it all the way up and it still didn't work." Small engine guy says "Well, it looks like you turned it the wrong way." They then turned the throttle the right way and the wood splitter roared to life.

So much stress was put towards this 5-second fix, it might be funny in a year or two, but right now all I can do is sigh.


perphila said...

You're right. It is a thing you can look back on and laugh...it helps if you can be ok with yourself. I hope the laughing comes sooner rather than later.