Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Famous People with Bipolar

DH was talking with his Nurse Practitioner who prescribes his meds and she started telling him about all these famous celebrities who have bipolar. He was amazed. She referred him to this link.

Famous Bipolar People

And I was amazed too! I didn't know Sting was bipolar, or Peter Gabriel. I knew Robin Williams was, but I didn't know about Ben Stiller. And Mark Twain, too???

Very interesting stuff. When I think of what's gone on in our family this past year or two, I have to wonder what some of these celebrities went through, as well as those famous people who were bipolar before there were many effective treatments for it...sometimes I'm sad that I live in the times I do, but when it comes to mental illness, I'm very grateful, for sure!

And I think I'll add the main site to my blogroll, too, as there is a lot of information about Bipolar on there. Just figured I'd share!