Monday, May 19, 2008

Back pain and mental health

Just a little note: Today DH told me that he really hasn't had any back pain since he started the Lithium. And he told me that he hasn't been taking any methadone (he was taking it for his severe back pain) and he is no longer taking any muscle relaxers, and no more ibuprofen, and no more pain killers of any type. He marveled at the fact that he is no longer even putting the methadone in his pill box any more. I had always thought that there was definitely a link between his mental health and his back pain, but this really proves it to me.....I had read some things by Dr. Sarno and it was very convincing. But when DH was sick, I could never get him to realize it...another cool thing!!!


perphila said...

There has been a lot of stuff I've seen recently about chronic pain or other kinds of pain related to depression and mental illness. It isn't a surprise to hear about DH and the back pain thing. I know there is a med that is supposed to deal with the physical aches and pains that can come with depression but I can't remember it's name. If the lithium is helping out for DH that's super. It has been obvious for a while that if you have pains you can become depressed but I think people are finally seeing that you can be depressed then get pain. Chicken egg thing I guess, which come first? ...:)

jbsjhn said...

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