Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hit the nail on the head!

Well, I know I've complained before about how DH doesn't wear his CPAP machine, even though he had all the tests and they determined that he needs it, right? Have I mentioned how many times I've urged him to put that CPAP on at night, how many times I've told him to roll over so he'll stop snoring (I can't go out to the couch because JIM is still there, but that's another post...) and how many times he's gotten angry with me for "treating him like a child" regarding the CPAP?

He just called me. And this is what he said. "You know, my mood has gotten progressively worse since I've started working. I'm tired all the time and when I get home from work, even if I've only worked a couple of hours, all I want to do is sleep. And on the weekends things get better--did you realize that's because on the weekends I can sleep as much as I want?"

I'm thinking "Ok, here comes "That Guy" logic, going to tell me that in order to be mentally healthy, he needs to get at least 18 hours of sleep a day..." Or something like that...I was ready for it, I really was.

And he said, "I really think it's because I haven't been wearing that CPAP. And I need to get to bed earlier, too. I have less time to sleep now than I did before, and I need to get quality sleep so that I don't get so tired."

And his wife rejoiced. And didn't say "I told you so" at all.

I let him think it was his idea all along.


simonsays said...

Smart woman, you are....



perphila said...

As long as everything is the man's idea the world will continue...:)

Lorna said...

I have had to do this many a time too lol

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm sure it will definitely help. We have some sleeping issues at our house too, and like you I can't move to the couch because my DD and DS are there in the livingroom till they find a new place. I left you the wrong blog before, altho I'm glad it helped. I signed in with the one on living with a passive aggressive today. It sounds like we have a bit in common. LOL.