Friday, March 14, 2008

Did you ever have one of these conversations?

DH: I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm so down.
Me: You can't think of any reason for this, huh?
DH: No, I just haaaave nooooo eneerrrrgy.....
Me: Can you try some of the things you learned in therapy?
DH: I listened to a song, it didn't work.
Me: What else could you try?
DH: I don't know.
Me: Maybe you could walk down to the mailbox and back, try to get some fresh air and exercise.
DH: I don't think I can.
Me: Could you go out into the living room and turn on the radio and just listen?
DH: No, they've got the TV on out there.
Me: Could you try to journal?
DH: No, the laptop is in the living room.
Me: Could you try to do something for five minutes, just to see if it makes you feel better?
DH: It won't.
Me: Maybe you should call your Spenders leader (he's in the hospital right now) and tell him you're thinking of him.
DH: Yeah, I should do that.
DH: I just don't know what to do.
Me: Do you need to go to the hospital?
DH: I don't know.
Me: Maybe you should call them.
DH: Theyll tell me to come in.
Me: Can you call the crisis line?
DH: They don't care about me.
DH: I'll just let you go.


perphila said...

Yes, it is familar. I guess the biggest difference with us was he agreed more. "Yes, you're right I should do that. I could try that. That's a good idea. I am being stupid." Than he would usually go and "relax" a bit and watch a movie or spend time with his music. Which meant going to his cd collection and getting OCD with organizing it. He would seem more energized after our talks emotionally. He would never EVER follow through with any of the suggestions though. Maybe he was just agreeing with me to shut me up and leave him alone in his depression. One thing for sure he never told me why he was ever feeling so bad. He said, " it is too hard to talk to you." Now he says it was all my fault. He stopped talking to me because he knew I wouldn't like what he had to say. Even when he was "still" in love with me.