Saturday, March 29, 2008

Stuff about jobs

Well, in case you've been wondering about it, I decided I really had no choice but to turn down the offer of the full time position at my currently part-time job. I just couldn't be sure that DH would ever be able to work again on a regular basis, and I felt that it wouldn't be fair to my employer(s) for me to accept the position with no hope of ever having it be my primary job. My supervisor was very disappointed--she already had me on the schedule and everything....she asked me a lot of questions like "is there any way you could cut your bills down any more?" And I thought to myself, "if only she knew..." but I just said "no", "not right now".

One supervisor there does know a good part of what's been going on with DH all this time, but I didn't feel comfortable sharing it with someone I didn't know too well yet, so I didn't. She knows DH isn't working, but I felt that explaining about all the debts, etc., was not necessary at that time--who knows, the other supervisor might have already clued her in, I don't know!

So that's that. But....I did get a .56/hr raise at my primary job.....every little bit helps, for sure!

And DH....remember back a while when he was told he had a job driving a fertilizer truck? Well, he took the driving test and passed with flying colors, so he hopefully starts work on April 1. Yaaayyyyy!!!

And the lithium is still working well. I think we are both seeing big changes. Tonight, DD had a tantrum, she started screaming and telling Jim she hated him and why doesn't he leave, and she told DH that he's being irresponsible and a bad dad, etc...and that would ordinarily have set "That Guy" off into swearing and maybe slamming doors, etc...too. "That guy" showed up very briefly. DH realized he was extremely angry, and called me. In about 5 minutes, he was back to normal. He told me "I'll call you back, I'm going to go calm her down." And I got scared, because "That Guy" does not calm anyone down, especially DD in the middle of a tantrum! But he did. And he called me back, and calmly told me that she was grounded for the weekend, and that she's upset because her friend moved away today, and he believed her. And I do to, although that doesn't excuse her behavior at all. I couldn't believe how he handled it, this was very unusual.

I like lithium! I can't wait to see what changes when they double his dose on April 1 (he'll be seeing the psychiatrist before he starts work).

Cross your fingers for us....

P.S. No back pain complaints all week!


perphila said...

Sorry to hear you gave up the job you wanted but completely understandable. You have to make the choices for the present. Hopefully things will just keep improving and you can make a change for yourself. Baby steps. I am still crawling so your ahead of me...:)