Saturday, March 6, 2010

What does this mean?

During the brief time when DH was working, he did not call the disability attorney to tell him. But his psychiatrist had told DH several times that he doesn't believe that DH can hold a job and that if he did try to work and failed, that it might benefit his disability case somewhat.

I don't know much about the disability process. Only what I've learned as we go....but DH's attorney just called and DH has a telephone hearing on the 18th of March? Of course DH didn't ask any questions, so I'm left wondering: What is this for? Will this hearing determine whether or not he gets disability? How can he prepare for it, and what will they be looking for....?

I tried to get DH to call and tell the attorney about his working, in case it would have some impact, but so far it's been late in the afternoon and he doesn't want to call and leave a message. So as far as I'm aware, the attorney(s) still don't know that he worked a few days.

So I find myself thinking.....again.....about how nice it would be if he got disability....how things would change so much for the better.....but.....based on the last couple of years, things just don't happen that easily for me/us.....

but it's sure fun to think about!

And an aside: Today I paid some bills. And I looked and tried to decide which one to pay and which ones to let sit. And I realized that I actually had enough money to pay everything on time!!! Something must be wrong here. LOL


perphila said...

I would just tell the lawyer myself. This is pretty important and it's obvious DH is not grasping that.

Doesn't that feel so great to be able to do that?! I was able to pay all the bills last month too..Weee! I don't know about this month though. Paying off that truck has really made an impact..:)

Anonymous said...

Found your blog as been working with someone trying to get their disability. ? how do you come to already have a lawyer if you're just now having a hearing? we're having a determination without one; wondering if we should have one. Thanks

Anonymous said...


Sorry, so sorry to hear about your husband's hospitalization. Hope he's doing better. Hugs (even though I know you don't know me)


Carol said...

Hi Donna,
My husband has an attorney because he has already been denied disability and the attorney is helping him do the appeals process. I think you can get an attorney at any point in the process, but they do take a chunk of your back pay, so we decided that we would go it alone at first, and if that proved too hard, then we would get an attorney.

You don't usually have to pay them anything until you are awarded the money.

Hope that helps!