Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Conversation with DH at the Hospital Tonite

(the following took place when I was leaving after visiting DH yesterday evening)

Me: I'm gonna go now.....I'm working tonite.....

DH: Don't leave me!!!!

Me: Why not?

DH: I saw something awful, something right here. It was scary.

Me (thinking "Oh my, someone died right outside his door"): What happened? What did you see?

DH (with all the seriousness and drama possible--and he was not joking): I saw a man's bank account.

Me (as if I understood): Ohhhh.....I see......what was scary about that?

DH: It was big.

Me: Why did you get to see his bank account?

DH: We were going into the game show.

Me: What game show?

DH: There was a game show right here, and we were in line. It was one of those game shows where you use your own money. They match whatever you win. I only had $30, so I had to borrow money from him to get started. And when I saw his bank account, I got angry. I threw a rock at his head.

Me: A rock?

DH: Yes, and his kids got mad.

Me: Well that does sound scary.......

Must be some really good drugs!


perphila said...

At least there's no pain right?

Miz Kizzle said...

I'm sorry all this is going on. I expected your DH wouldn't last long at the janitor job but the illness thing was a shock.
He needs to get disability. I hope this last employment episode makes it clear that he can't hold at hope in his current condition.
As for calling lawyers late in the afternoon, I had to laugh. My husband and I are both attorneys and sometimes we work until late at night. (It's all about the billing.) Late afternoon calls are not a problem.
I hope DH gets better soon. I think his hallucinations are a result or either fever or drugs. It's interesting how money and his lack of it figured in the hallucination, isn't it?

Miz Kizzle said...

Sorry, i meant he can't hold a job, not a hope. Hope is always a possibility.

Anonymous said...

Oh Carol, I just had to laugh when I read this latest 'installment' on your dh. My dh broke his leg back in 1987, and they gave him some very powerful painkillers after the surgery to set his leg. He said some of the most embarrassing/personal (bedroom) things to me...in front of family members.