Friday, March 19, 2010


DH is sorry about the 4-wheeler thing. He has used some words that I didn't expect him to use, like "ashamed" and "selfish". And he didn't even flinch when he found out that I have the 4-wheeler key now. We can't sell it yet, because after all this time, we still owe over $4,000 on it, and I don't think we could sell it for that much, especially in this kind of economy. And it's nice to have it to plow the driveway, I guess....although paying the neighbor to plow was a lot cheaper....so anyhow...it's parked, and both DH and DD lose out because they were both stupid.

I have to say that I really wasn't surprised by the entire 4-wheeler thing. Both DH and DD did pretty much what I would expect. I just keep hoping that DH will "buck up" and become a partner and not a childish adversary.....I told him this, when we were discussing the situation, and it seemed like he understood. The thing is, that next week, he'll have forgotten it all. And so it'll happen again. And again. I just need to convince myself that I AM a single parent, and although sometimes DH does the "right" thing, a lot of times, he doesn't, and I need to have a plan for that. It's easier said than done, for sure.

DD turns 17 in April. She wants to have a "party". Keeping in mind that she is emotionally about 10 or 11 at best, it would be more of a kids' party than a teenagers' party, which, I guess, makes it easier....but I don't want to. She's been such a brat this year, I really don't have any desire to do something super-fun for her (but I can't tell her that, of course, as I'm sure at least some of her brattiness is not under her control....but I'm dreading the whole thing. So I'm calling a "family meeting" this weekend so that we can all decide what the plan is. And I will just remind DD that the "party" can be cancelled, if she acts like a jerk.


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that the 4-wheeler was a unannounced splurge by your DH and not a mutually agreed upon purchase. I've always thought those things were annoying and useless. We have a vacation home in Maine and I hear them making a racket up there all the time, usually with a drunken teenage fool or two aboard. Plus, they're dangerous. They always seem to be overturning on the drunken teenage fools who are driving them.
That being said, it's great that you have the key (it's the only one, right? Your DH doesn't have a copy squirreled away?)
As for your DD's birthday, I think every kid deserves a party, providing they want one and they haven't actually murdered anybody recently.
Since she's like a 10-year-old emotionally, maybe you can get away with a sleepover for one friend and a movie with pizza afterwards, plus a small gift.

perphila said...

Ok, money still owed on it, crud. I agreed they should be for responsible adults only. My brother in law (ex bro) had one years ago and when Sean took the kids to visit he let Will (who was 11 at the time) ride it alone and without a helmet. It turned over but he luckily came away with only a few scratches. (I should have seen Sean's lack of parenting skills then huh?) Then ex bro fell off a scraped himself so bad he had to go to the hospital with nasty road rash. He sold it after that.

Cade is ten and he doesn't have some of the behaviors DD does. Of course he also doesn't have all her problems either. For his last birthday we just had a party at home just family. I baked a cake myself and we each gave him one present. He was very happy with that. Maybe next year I will give him a big party with friends but so far he hasn't even asked for one. Guess I have been lucky.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

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