Wednesday, March 3, 2010

That didn't take long at all.

Well, I was planning on telling you how nice it was that DH had started working at his part-time job. He had his orientation last Wednesday, and he was very proud of himself, although he was a little frustrated that he only got one break every 4 1/2 hours....He got up every day without a lot of prodding by me, and got to work on time every day. I was starting to get hopeful.

But he talked to his boss on Monday and he is already fired. Apparently he complained about his back hurting a lot, and they said he was taking unauthorized breaks. I'm inclined to believe that, but he says it wasn't true and they didn't give him a chance. I'm inclined to agree that they didn't really give him a chance, since he had orientation once, then worked three four-hour shifts before they canned him, but I'm sure there's more to it than he realizes.....

He was pretty discouraged, but he didn't get suicidal at all, so I was proud of that. And....I was able to convince him to go back to the jobs program for mentally ill people that he had been involved in a while back....they find jobs for people with mental illness, and the employer gets a break in the wages in exchange for hiring them....I told DH that people who are involved in this program are already aware that he has had some problems and are probably more prepared to work with someone if they seem to need prompting or coaching. And that if his employer thought there was a problem, there is another layer of help to go to--the placement folks--who might be able to help, too. DH finally agreed that maybe he should do that, and has an appointment today at 3:30pm. I hope he goes.

I have to say I really expected to have him spend a few months in bed, lots of "I'm worthless" and all that....but no, he just seems to want to get working again. So once again, I'm cautiously optimistic.

On a really good note....I got the tax refund and paid off DH's truck!!!! So that will mean right off the bat, $271.00 that I don't have to come up with every month, and then after we cancel the full coverage (after the check clears), it'll save another $75.00 a month!!!! Yayyyy!!!! I feel so relieved, and I'm finally starting to see a teensy smidgeon of light at the end of the tunnel.


GB's Mom said...

I am glad some good stuff is finally coming your way!

obladi oblada said...

Im glad he is taking it well. I think that program sounds wonderful!

perphila said...

It's too bad he was fired already but really great to hear he is handling it well. That program does sound good. I haven't heard of one like it here. It does seem like DH was stressed (back aches) but he was still trying. On the inside you can see that but to someone on the outside they just don't appreciate how much effort is being put in by just being there. I hope the program works out and DH sticks with it.

Super about the truck! Finally...:)