Thursday, February 25, 2010

Been a long week!!!

Hi everyone, sorry I've kind of been AWOL lately....lots going on, but still not much going on!!! But here's the big big news: DH started his job as a janitor yesterday!!!!!!! Can you believe it????? Yaaaayyy!!!! I'm kind of excited but mostly scared that it won't work out, and then that he'll be suicidal again. But I guess we'll never know until we try, right? He worked three hours yesterday. That's already more than he worked in the last 2 1/2 years put together!!!! My fingers are crossed.

"That Guy" seems to have gone back to wherever he came from. As soon as I started making sure that DH was taking his meds, "That Guy" disappeared. DH even told me that the generic cigarettes that I've been buying are fine with him ("That Guy" would never agree to that and would have tried to find a way to pressure me into buying more expensive ciggies!) Thank goodness he's gone, because I am finding myself with much less patience for "That Guy" than ever. It surprises me, how fast it happens. "That Guy" shows up, and I instantly start thinking that I can't stand this any more and a divorce would bring me great pleasure. But when he's gone again, so is that sentiment (thank goodness, because I couldn't afford a divorce!)

Me, well, I've turned down two interview this past week. One was as a customer service rep about 45 miles from home, but they did not have set hours--I was told that the hours could be "anywhere from four to forty, no guarantees", and since I need to be able to pay bills, that wasn't going to work, so I didn't go. Now this second interview, I'm not completely sure I'm doing the right thing, but it's 2 hours away from home for $12/hr (which is much less than I was making at my other job). And it's five days a week, and daytime hours. So that would mean that in addition to the 2-hour commute, I'd be driving in rush hour traffic, every single day. I just got stressed out thinking about it, so I decided to keep looking. Part of me thinks I should've gone just to get the interview experience, and part of me is saying "You know, $12/hr isn't really that bad...." but I don't think it's the right job (is there one? LOL)

On the hopeful side, there is a job, right here in town (4 miles away from home) that is right up my alley. I've been working on tweaking my resume so that I have the best chance possible. But I imagine that in this area, there will be oodles of applicants, so even getting an interview will be like winning the lottery. But you don't win if you don't buy a ticket, right? :-)

My mom has been asking me cooking questions lately. So I told her that tomorrow night, we'll make supper at her apartment and she can help cook. She got pretty excited about that, although she doesn't remember anything at all about cooking any more, I figure that at the very least, she can make some instant pudding or something, so she can feel like she is doing some of it....I do like having this extra time, for sure....just wish I knew what the future holds!


GB's Mom said...

Good luck tweaking!

Angelina said...

If you have the option to hang in there for a job you feel better about then you should. My husband did a 2-4 hour daily commute (highly changeable traffic conditions) for several years and it really wore him down.

Closer to home, especially with all you already have to do, is better. And definitely work with as many balanced people as you can!!

Good luck with this job close to home!

Robin said...

It sounds like things are slowly getting better for you - yay!

People have always told me to follow up on the jobs I apply for, so here I'll pass it on to you: when you apply for the job you want, call them a few days later and tell them you dropped off a resume and were wondering if they would like to discuss interview times, or something like that. If you call every couple of days, your name becomes memorable and your resume keeps getting put on the top of the pile. In theory.

Good for DH as well! I hope he finds the work manageable and not too stressful. Maybe a little success is all he needs to keep going, you know?

Miz Kizzle said...

That's wonderful about your hubby getting a job. Of course "That Guy" is gone, your DH feels good about himself for being employed and he's taking his meds as prescribed.
I would praise him to the skies for having a job and make a big deal about using his salary (no matter how small) to pay bills. That way, he'll feel good about contributing to the family and he'll want to stay employed.
neither one of those jobs sounds right for you. A four-hour round trip commute for $12 an hour? My youngest son is a college student and he works on campus doing computer help desk stuff and he makes $16 an hour. Keep looking. You can do better.

Risa said...

I admire you because of your strength in dealing with this situation but I am in a similar situation (a little worse) and find it too emotionally draining. I am getting divorced. How do you maKe yourself stay. The few glimpses I get of my nice husband are few and I keep getting let down.