Friday, March 12, 2010

Percocet revisited

DH was released from the hospital yesterday. I'm relieved, of course. It was a pretty big deal. But unfortunately, he was also given a prescription for Percocet, and, if you've read my blog for a while, you know that that is a problem drug for DH. And a bigger problem for me. Argh. It always becomes a very unhealthy power struggle.

I gave DH two Percocet pills and locked the rest of the pills up in my safe (I'm sure I've mentioned it, but in case I haven't, after realizing that DH not only stole my gold dollars but was regularly raiding my change bank and other means of savings that I had set up for myself at home, I decided to use my mom's old fireproof safe that she had used for important papers, and lock up everything that I needed to restrict DH's access to). So anyhow, I put the pills in my safe, went to bed and then got up to go to work. Without stashing a couple of pills somewhere in the house for him. I totally forgot. So now I'm feeling really bad because he doesn't have any at all, but I truly don't know how much pain he is really in. In the past he has really played up his pain just so that he could get some Percocet. I hate the thought that he is stranded without any pain meds. But there's no way I'm going to allow him to access that safe in any way. Nope.

So I'm just feeling like a bad wife, and thinking that he probably thinks that I did that on purpose--but I really didn't. Boy am I rambling today!


Oh, and on a brighter(?) note, DH did call his attorney and the "hearing" on the 18th isn't really a hearing, it's just a telephone meeting with his attorney to start some other kind of appeal. So everything will be updated by then.

Well, I guess that's about all for today. What should I make for supper????? I've got some chicken breasts but I have no idea what I'm going to do with them.....any suggestions made in the next four hours are very welcome! (Any suggestions made after 4 hours will be considered the next time I am at a loss as to what to make for supper!)


Elizabeth A. said...

Cut into strips and make chicken fingers.


I've tried it and it was delicious.

Pain meds suck. Just all around.

I think the safe is an excellent idea.

Jersey Guy said...

I think your DH will be okay. You didn't forget deliberately so don't beat yourself up. Part of the reason you forgot about the pills is you're busy doing the work that your DH should be doing.
Not for nothing, but you wouldn't need the safe if your DH hadn't repeatedly stolen from you. I'd say he brought it on himself. You can take the attitude that it was his mental illness that made him steal but I disagree. He knew what he was doing and he childishly wanted soda or ciggies or something and he thought you wouldn't notice the dollars were gone. Maybe he planned in some vague way to replace them but he never did.
Unless someone is completely delusional, totally out of them mind, they have a degree of choice and he chose to steal. I doubt he worried half as much about your response to the missing money as you're worrying about him being in pain from lack of percs.
You have a good heart and you're in a rotten situation. I honestly think you should get a divorce. There's a point where you have to throw in the towel and from what you say, you're doing all the giving and he's doing all the taking.

perphila said...

One thing to also remember is to not leave the combo for the safe anywhere he can find it. That is what my husband did for my bank account.

As for the meds, I wouldn't worry about it much. If you HAD left a few behind he would have most likely taken them at once then suffered anyway for a long time until you came home. I'm sure you have over the counter pain meds he can take in the meantime to take the edge off and since he will most likely be in bed anyway.....*shrug*

It's good to know he is home now though and the infection didn't become too serious. I hope DD handled the problem ok. I'm sure she was stressed as well.

OK, I know this is late but....you could either whole or in strips marinate them in salad dressing (your choice, I use Italian or balsamic vinegrette) for at least half an hour then cover in bread crumbs (plain or add your own spice) then bake. It's like chicken nuggets without the frying...the kids love it.

Anonymous said...

i do not think it is fair to hide medicine that has been prescribed by a doctor--actually thats cruel. If a person is going to use drugs they will and this is out of your control. All you can do is remove yourself from the situation. Would u hold back insulin or heart meds? I am assuming this guy knows he has a problem but filled the prescription anyway--MESSAGE.

Carol said...

Hi, I'm not sure if you've read through my entire blog or not, but my husband, the last few times he was prescribed Percocet for pain, took 30 pills in two days. More than once. We thought he was going to die. Now, it is clear that if the doctors are going to keep prescribing this drug to him, it needs to be limited somehow. He cannot have access to more than the prescribed dose, or he will overdose and I will be without a husband.

It's not a power and control thing. It's more like he has NO CONTROL and someone needs to have some.

I am not withholding his medication. I am limiting it to the prescribed dose and no more than that. I don't think that's anything that they don't do in a hospital or other health care institution. I'm not a meanie. I just don't want to be a widow yet.