Monday, March 8, 2010

If it's not one thing, it's another!

I know you weren't expecting this, neither was I, of course, but DH is in the hospital. Two nights ago, he told me (and this might be too much information, but I'll tell you anyhow), that there was a huge lump in his scrotum and it was growing fast and it hurt so bad he could barely walk. He felt like he needed to go to the emergency room. I tried to get him to wait until Monday (another hospital bill--just what we need....sigh) and he said that he couldn't wait. I was inclined to believe him, even though I didn't want to, because I figured if it was drama, he would've been having back pain again, not pain THERE.

So anyhow, it turns out that he has a serious infection and had he not gone in when he did, it could have been life-threatening. They're giving him those super-antibiotics to try to kill the infection but they're not working so far. A urologist is making a special trip to see him tomorrow to determine if they are going to need to do surgery to get the infection out of there.

Yesterday and the day before, he was his normal self, only in a lot of pain and a little spacey from the pain drugs they were giving him. Today, he can't stay awake for more than ten seconds. I couldn't even get him to stay awake long enough to drink a glass of juice. The doctors are concerned enough to change the pain meds, but nobody seems sure of what is going on today and why DH can't wake up.

Also, the nurse told me that they took a chest xray today to see if maybe he was having pneumonia or something else going on, and I asked her if it was clear and she looked it up on the computer in his room and started to explain to me that "there's a little...something....and it's easy to treat....." and then she decided to have a respiratory therapist come up and explain that to me. That's who I'm waiting for now.

I'm a lot more worried today than I was yesterday. I guess an infection in the scrotum is a hugely big deal. Dang it, why can't we just go for a year or two without any health crises????


obladi oblada said...

Ugh...hang in there.

Story of our Life said...

holy crap...I'm so sorry!! (((HUGS)))) Hang in there!!

perphila said...

Good thing you guys went in! Prayers....

Reighnie said...

I actually met Hubbins because of an infection he developed in his scrotum from an ingrown hair. TMI? sorry.

We had both just started college and had been assigned the same learning team. He had to drop out and I was making an effort to be more...well..people friendly... so I checked in with him (via IM)to see how he was doing. I found out all about his illness later.

Anyhow, they had to cut his stuff open and they left it open to heal from the inside out...gross stuff.

I hope it's all sorted out. It sounds like he's in bad shape. Sending prayers your way.