Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Abilify = "That Guy"


DH has an appointment with his PDOC next week (on the 17th). He was happy when he realized that, because he said, "I hope they can do something about all the anger I've been having lately." I said, "I think the Abilify is helping you get more done, but I think you've been having mood swings again, and "That Guy" has been around more. I'd actually say you've been a little manic."

DH said, "I think you're right."

So at least we're both on the same page there.

Last night, DH, who has a mild cold, needed some Kleenex, so we went to the store after DD was asleep. We got there and grabbed the Kleenex, then he wanted "scrubbies" for the kitchen. Ok, they're not too expensive. Then he asked me if we could get some eggs. We have chickens, but he'd rather eat the factory eggs. Ok, if it'll get him fed for not too much money, I guess so. Then he "accidentally, on purpose" walked down the pop aisle to point out all the good pop prices to me. He was disappointed when I said, "we've already got more than we came for." Then he said, "Oh look! Pop Tarts are only two for three dollars!" "We should get some!" I said no. He said, "but they're a quick snack!" I said, "So is soup." He didn't say anything. Then when we were checking out, he wanted a candy bar. I said no. He said, "Just one?" I said, "look at the price." (They were 99 cents each). He said, "They're less than a dollar!" I just shook my head. And he got mad and for the most part hasn't spoken to me at all since then. I'm waiting for "That Guy" to go away.

And to top it all off, earlier in the day I had given him $30!!! I can't afford him. He's like a cement weight around my financial neck.


Mrs. Dreamer said...

Sigh. I was hoping things were going as well for you and DH as they have been for me.

perphila said...

The good thing is you are both on the same page about him being a little manic and he sees his own anger problem. That is huge. The money issues sound just like my son. The meds can help with the mood swings and stuff like that but therapy I think might help more with issues like that. The hurdle of course is getting him to go. Let's hope the meds can help him recognize he needs it. Still, there has been progess. It is easy to forget that when "that guy" is around. Stay strong.

Miz Kizzle said...

Good Lord! He sounds like a three-year-old. Doesn't he realize you're working TWO jobs while he sulks and whines for ciggies and soda?
You're assumed the role of his mommy. Isn't that sad?
If he wants to get angry at something, he can direct his anger at the disease that's preventing him from being productive. And I don't mean that in the self-pitying "Oh I'm no good! I should just curl up and die!" mode that he seems so fond of but actually using his anger to motivate him to be a real husband and father.
He reminds me of my brother-in-law.