Friday, October 31, 2008

The prospect of this weekend

I cannot believe my good fortune! The last time I had a Saturday night off at my part-time job was July 2007 (my 40th birthday). Since then I have worked every Saturday, and for ten months, every Sunday, also. I hadn't realized it, until I started to get really burnt out.

I made an offhand remark to my boss about how the last Saturday I had off was in 2007, and she suggested that I take a weekend off. She actually suggested this coming weekend, because there is an extra payday in October this year, so the financial hit wouldn't be quite so bad. And then she worked with the boss at the other location and found people to fill in for me.

So I have four days off in a row, where I don't have to work anywhere at all!!!! Woo hoo!!!! It has been so long!!!

And here is something else--DH wants to go to his mom's for the weekend because I won't be working and can be home to take care of animals, etc.!!!!

But wait!!! There's more!!!!

He wants to bring DD with him.

Oh what a wonderful weekend that would be!!!!

The catch is, of course, that he still won't accept any money from his mom.
So that means, I have to come up with it. So, since the price of gas has gone down so much, I probably only need to come up with $140. Might as well have to come up with a thousand. I have no idea how I will get that money. I've got $65 in my savings account, and I've got a change jar....but I don't think there's enough money there...

Maybe I can talk him into accepting money from his mom if she is offering....it would sure make things easier...but I don't dare bring it up myself, because he might decide not to go at all. I'll have to figure this out.

As hard as it is to manage everything when he's gone, it's still a lot easier than when he's here--I always know what to expect when he's gone. (unless he calls from wherever he is with a drama, that is) LOL

But even if he doesn't go, I'll still have a good weekend.


perphila said...

yea! Days off and great!

What about spliting the cost? Maybe his mom could pay for some so the hit isn't so hard? I know the issue is even him asking his mom for more money but I dunno. It's an idea.

Good luck figuring it out. It's no fun.

Anonymous said...

yes...that's great news. I hope he can go to his mom's so you get a nice quiet weekend. perphila has a good idea about splitting the cost with his mom.
Have a great weekend which ever way it goes.

Immi said...

No Sat off in that long? Sheesh. I'm glad you're getting the weekend off finally! I hope DH will take the money from his mother. Enjoy your weekend, regardless.