Monday, October 13, 2008

Ok, I'm calming down, I think

Today DH approached me and asked me "what's wrong?" And I told him that I was angry. About the snoring thing, but mostly about a few other conversations I've had with "That Guy", where he got very angry with me for "treating him like a child".

It was clear that he wasn't completely aware of what "That Guy" had said or what the context was...he seemed surprised when I told him why I said and did what I did--apparently "That Guy" had convinced him that I was just being a controlling jerk. Then he told me that he "thinks he's slipping, mental-health wise" and was thinking about checking himself into the hospital because he's been having a lot of urges to self-medicate. I again suggested that he start seeing his therapist again, and he said he would, but he's said that dozens of times now...

Anyhow, he also confessed to stealing $20 from me yesterday and I hadn't even realized it yet. I was mildly impressed that he up and confessed. His mom is sending him some money tomorrow, so I made it clear that I expect him to pay me back. And I bought a locking safe box (for important papers) at a garage sale and am going to put all of my gold dollars and any other money in there, so he will have no ability to do that any more. All I can think is that it must've been "That Guy" who did the stealing, and DH who felt bad about it...?

Anyhow, today DH seemed so confused and frustrated about what is going on, that I couldn't stay mad at him....(but I could stay mad at "That Guy")...

As an aside, and probably contributing to my stress, I have a fairly painful infection of my nail bed on my right thumb. I went to the doctor on Thursday and they told me that if it was not better by Saturday that I would need to have it lanced and it would be extremely painful. Being as how I hate pain, and being as how our clinic was only open until noon on Saturday and they have a fit when you want to come in on Saturday because it's apparently a huge inconvenience, I opted to wait until Monday and hope it went away. But it hasn't, and I am dreading the painful procedure that I am going to have to have tomorrow :-( I'm such a baby....but when the doctor tells you that it's "very painful, and the anesthesia itself is extremely painful", that's a little scary. So I guess once tomorrow's over I'll be in a better state of mind.....I hope!


perphila said...

I hope you are feeling better and it wasn't too painful. It was the last thing you needed right now. It will feel good though I hope to feel better in the end and have one less thing to deal with.
It is good DH at least sees he needs some help. Seeing a therapist would indeed be a good idea. I wonder why he is more willing to be hospitalized than see a therapist?