Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Father in Law voted for Obama

That in itself isn't news. But, if you consider that one of the reasons I have a tough time enjoying DH's dad's company, is that he is "Archie Bunker recincarnate" (in other words, a HUGE bigot), it becomes a big deal.

I have never been in a restaurant or any other place where my father in law has not referred to people of color as (whatever their racial slur is--depends on the background of the person). When I was first getting to know DH's dad, I was constantly appalled by his attitude. Then I just started to avoid him.

Then, this weekend, DH asked his dad who he was voting for, and his dad, apparently really quietly, said, "I'm voting for Obama." No jokes, no racial slurs, just that statement. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

It's a new era, for sure.


Nathan Hawks said...

Bigots for Obama!

That's like the exact opposite of a 'Democrats for McCain' sticker.

Carol said...

Bigots for Obama!!! I love it!!!!