Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back on schedule (not)

I am really frustrated with trying to get DH to take his pills at a scheduled time. Yesterday, at about 7pm, he kind of gasped and said, "Oh no, I forgot to take my morning pills again!! I'll take them right now." So then, of course, when he takes his "nighttime" pills at 1 or 2 am, undoubtedly, his Lithium levels are not stable...

So today, he got up at 1pm and took his "morning pills" not too long after that. I got excited. But I shouldn't have. I just called him to remind him to take his pills, and he said, "I will, as soon as I'm done with the laundry." So, in other words, he'll be up all night, and he'll be taking his nighttime pills at 5am or so. I just have such a hard time believing he doesn't see this. But he doesn't.

For a while, he was doing better on the pill schedule. We had had a discussion and I was not feeling all that subtle that day, and I had said to him, "You keep saying you want to work. But how on earth are you expecting to get up every day and get to work by a certain time every day, eat lunch at a certain time every day, and finish your work by the end of the day, when you can't even set your alarm clock to take your pills in the morning? That must've hit home, because for a couple of weeks, he was better about taking his pills. But he's backsliding again....

It's kind of funny. I thought that since the Lithium was doing such wonders for him, that the rest of this would be a piece of cake. Even if he could never work again, the worst was behind us. But there's always something to worry about, and it never stops.


perphila said...

It really is obvious DH needs a routine. Maybe that is something you guys can work on together. I think he really wants to help out and feels guilty about things like the cleaning. Being home all the time cleaning is one thing he can do. Still, it seems as fine some of the cleaning is implusive. He want ot then has a hard time stopping. If he had set times for cleaning and a set time for his pills and set time for whatever it might help. It would take a while to get used to and even may feel constrictive to DH at first. I always read about how important routine is. From the outside, to me at least, it seems like you guys are on a new step in recovery. Each step is frustrating and hard and new. At least it is still a step forward. Learning new life habits are so hard to do. If only the getting better was as quick as the getting sick part was. When you are in the middle of it though it sure doesn't feel like progress but from what I have read from you it seems like it. Believe it or I not I envy you...:)