Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our trip to McDonald's

Today I had to go to the bank (which is an hour away), so I asked my mom if she wanted to ride along--of course she did!! I guess I was kind of mean, because it was DH's birthday, and he wanted to go too, but I knew his only reason for wanting to go was to go out to eat (because he knew my mom would want to) and I wanted some quality time with my mom, so I said no and that I'd take him someplace when I got home. He wasn't too happy, but I made him a cheesecake earlier, gave him a card, and a $20 gift card for the store in town....so it's not like I totally forgot about him...or maybe I was a jerk. Mostly I'm not caring lately. More on that later, I guess...

But my mom was having a really good day, memory-wise....when I got to her apartment, she already had her shoes on and also her hoodie (although it wasn't zipped--she lost the ability to zip things a couple of years ago), all ready to go. She told me "I've already gone to the bathroom, too!" I was thrilled. Usually when we are going someplace, I have to plan on about 1/2 hr to 45 mins to get ready. We usually get the shoes on, then a jacket, don't forget the sunglasses, and then she needs to go to the bathroom....this was quite momentous!! I don't think she's been that "ready to go" in at least a year.

Then I started to get a little worried, because it seems like the exceptionally good days are followed by exceptionally bad days, but what can I do about that? I decided to just take the day as a blessing.

There is a small town nearby, where, to the angst of the citizens, a strip bar has opened up. And my mom NEVER forgets it. "Is that the town with the strip bar?" But what she said today just cracked me up, and it was further evidence of her having a "good" day.....

Mom: Is that the town with the strip bar?

Me: Yes, I think it is.

Mom: Do you think they're still in business?

Me: Well, I don't know much about it, but I haven't seen anything in the paper that they closed.

Mom: (as we drive through the small town, where the strip bar is at least 6 blocks away, on the other side of town from the highway)
I don't see any strippers.

Me: Well, they probably stay in the strip bar.

Mom: Well they should have some of them come out and show us what they do.

Me: (trying not to laugh) I'm not sure the police would like that.

Mom: Well they should!

I am laughing at the memory of this conversation. My mom is and was a very old-fashioned lady, very modest. I cannot believe we had this conversation!!!

Anyhow, we proceeded on our way and stopped at McDonald's, which is my mom's absolutely favorite place to eat. She had a double cheeseburger, medium fries and a hot mocha drink and she ate it all, with gusto!!! And then she said that she wished there was a McDonald's in her assisted living facility because that place (her assisted living place) doesn't know how to make a hamburger.

I love my mom so much.

Tomorrow's Mother's day. As I said, I'm going to her place and making "brunch". She did not forget that, either. She asked me "what time are you going to be by to cook for me?" I couldn't believe that she remembered that I was going to do that....it was a very good day!


Karen said...

I am so pleased that you had this great day with your mom. You deserve this and so much more. Hope you had a great brunch too.

Immi said...

Wonderful! Happy Mother's Day :)

Queenneenee said...

savor those good days. She sounds like she had a great time with you! That is just awesome!