Thursday, May 7, 2009

My plan for Mother's day...

Well, Mother's Day is on Sunday, and even if I had money, it is very difficult to find any kind of present for my mom. Basically, either clothing or blankets....seeing as how she doesn't read, doesn't really understand movies or TV, can't work the remote control....doesn't play games and only listens to music on the radio. She does really like to go to the casino, but the only way I could bring her there would be if she paid for it, and then the Mother's Day thing is kind of lost.

A couple of restaurants in town are having special Mother's Day brunches on Sunday. But once again, I don't have the money for that.

So here's what I'm doing. I'm going to buy some eggs, sausage, bacon, and Bisquick. And I'm going to bring the griddle over to her place. And we (don't know if DH or DD will go, but for sure me and my mom) will have our own little Mother's Day Brunch, all you can eat :-)

For under $10.

No gift to open, no card that she can't read anyhow, but some time and good food. And she doesn't have to get stressed out about going anywhere, either.


Mrs. Dreamer said...

I love that idea and would love the present for myself!

Karen said...

That sounds like a wonderful idea. I hope she's having a 'good' day and that you both have a great time, and I hope that DD spoils you too, as you are also a mommy, (a very good one from what I can see)
Money not necessary to show love.

perphila said...

That sounds like fun...:)