Saturday, February 2, 2008

The money always comes from somewhere.

Well, once again I've been neglecting this blog, and there's SO much to tell you!!!

I hope I remember it all.

DH has been rather stable this past week, no big blow-ups, no huge depressions, no huge spending....right now, the biggest issue in our house is that the paycheck for my second job, which comes in the mail, is a week late. I am down to $2--that's the balance in my checking account, and I promised dd that she could go on a church outing on Sunday, which will cost $10. In spite of all the bills that aren't getting paid, and the fact that we are in real danger of the phone being shut off because my check hasn't come, my top concern is that dd be able to go with her church group. I'm not sure how I'm going to do this, but I will come up with $10 somehow, I know "the money always comes from somewhere." That's one of my mantras, by the way, it's kind of tantamount to "The Lord will provide"--although I'm not all that religious, I've found that when I've needed money badly for a legitimate reason (not for a new outfit or something dumb like that, LOL), somehow, the money always shows up. Whether it's an unexpected check from the insurance company, or a friend saying, "Remember that $20 I borrowed from you last year?", it never seems to fail. And I don't question it. If I am using the money I do have, for purposes that are not selfish and not materialistic, and I am short, somehow I manage.

I used to tell DH, "The money will come from somewhere" back when we first met. For the longest time, he kind of smirked at me and did the "Yeah, right" thing. But he sees it, too--LOL, I guess even his money comes from somewhere (me) when he needs it, tee hee.

Anyhow, I wanted to leave you with a very motivating quote from Mary Hunt (Debt Proof Living)--in this month's newsletter, she writes:

"Remember the sweet peas I planted on Thanksgiving Day? They’re alive and about 7 inches tall—holding up well against the unusually cold weather we are having. I understand that adversity makes them particularly strong and hearty because the cold weather forces them to send roots deep into the earth where it’s not quite so cold. That will help them stand tall in a few months when they reach 9 to 12 feet in height. We could take a lesson from the sweet peas. When facing difficult times do you dig in so you can stand tall?

Or are you more prone to have a pity party? It’s easy to crumble at the first sign of hardship or disappointment. It’s a lot easier to become fearful and filled with worry and doubt than to stand tall with courage and determination. The truth is, what you are going through is a season in your life. Spring is coming! And when it does, you will either be lying on the ground all sad and defeated or you’ll be standing strong and hearty—and about 9-feet tall. It’s your call"
Wow. I'm inspired.