Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ewww....and more Ewwww!!! Not for the squeamish!

This post actually has nothing to do with bipolar or being broke or my family or anything like that, except that broke people tend to eat more of these kinds of meats....If you eat lunch meat and/or sausages, or would like to stop eating them, check this out:
(Warning: If you get grossed out easily, you might want to pass on this one...)

Mystery Meat Tour


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,

Today seemed like a good day to tell you that I have been reading your blog for a few months now, and see you as a one sided pen friend. Although you don't seem to get thousands of comments daily, your honesty is compelling and it's reassuring to know that someone else in the world has had their life upended from living with a "screwhead", the affectionate term used in our household.

I admire your strength and tenacity, and your overwhelming love and care in situations where I personally have responded in anger, hatred and resentment. You are a beautiful strong woman and I hope life rewards you for it.

Carol said...

Wow. Thanks very much! I have known from the start that there are many more people out there besides me that are dealing with this, hopefully by finding ways to reach out, we all can feel less alone with our "screwheads" LOL