Friday, May 14, 2010

What a week.

DD was released from the hospital and (get this) they took her off ALL of her meds because they think her problem is anxiety and not bipolar. So now she has no meds, no PRNs and her appt with the med person is on Monday. How intelligent is that?

And the plan was going to be....DD's social worker was going to look into a longer term hospitalization or a residential placement. So we started to mentally prepare for that. But then the game plan changed, and we are going to have another eval done to make sure she really is FASD, because apparently that opens up a lot of doors for her (since her last eval was in 2004 (for FASD), I guess that one's too old to be relevant(?)) So now I'm waiting on info regarding this new eval and trying to keep things together at home. And DH is really disgusted. He told me that one part of him just wants her gone, but when he thinks about how things have been in the past (much better behaved, more stable, more fun DD) he just wants to cry. So I'm not sure really where he stands, but he's definitely not happy.

And she's no better. Yesterday, in an attempt to do "family time", DH and I took DD to Walmart. I wanted her to get some new shoes. She came back with a pair of Mens size 9 shoes. I told her those were too big. She started to explode, telling me that the "Size 7s were way too small, and these are the only ones I like!" I told her too bad, I'm not going to buy shoes that don't fit. She kept arguing, raised her voice again, and I told her that she should show me the 7's. Sure enough, the Mens size 7's were way too big, too. At least an inch and a half between her toes and the front of the shoe. So then I said no to the 7's, too. Told her to find something else. "BUT I DON'T LIKE ANYTHING ELSE!" So I calmly said "Ok, well, there's no rule that we have to get something today...." and she started blowing up about that. So she finally did find some shoes in the right size that "I guess I like them". Then, she wanted to pick out a new towel. She knew that I had recently bought DH a new towel because there are showers at his work and I didn't want him to have to have a tattered and torn towel there. But DH has decided that he probably won't be using the towel at work. So he suggested that DD just take the towel that I had bought for him--after all it hadn't been used yet....bad idea. "I WANT MY OWN TOWEL, ONE THAT I GET TO PICK OUT!!!!!!" (Oh for Pete's sake.) Ok. To avoid meltdown at WalMart, she got to pick out a stupid towel.

But wait!!! There's more!!!! DH and I decided we wanted to eat at Taco Johns. It's been a long time since we've gone out to eat. Another meltdown because DD DIDN'T WANT TO GO TO TACO JOHNS. ARGH. And she wonders why I never want to go anyplace with her.

Supposedly we are meeting with the pdoc on Monday to see what we can do. I don't know if I'll make it that long.


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GB's Mom said...

Hang in there! Prayers and hugs :)

Miz Kizzle said...

Bummer. I wonder if your DH has the insight to equate his exasperation with your DD with your feelings about him when he was overspending and lying around the house doing nothing? I'm sure you wanted HIM gone at times but you stuck with him.
Families stick together. Even if one of them has to be hospitalized or is living in a group home they stick together unless there is no more love left.
You gave your DH hundreds of "second chances." It's too bad he can't be more compassionate toward your DD.

Anonymous said...

Carol, are you going to feel less safe with DD at home and not on meds? If so, I would make sure that anyone who has a hand in her treatment knows how you feel about that. I am so, so sorry you are having to deal with all this...praying for His strength for you!

perphila said...

Hang tough. At least DD is getting some other supports in place. Something that wouldn't be there if you weren't there for her. She is lucky to have you. I will be praying for you all. :)