Saturday, May 8, 2010

Talked to DD on the phone...

Well, earlier in the week I called DD at the hospital and our conversation went like this:
Me: Hi there, how are you doing?

DD: Fine.


Me: How's the food there?

DD: Fine.

Me: Are the kids nice?

DD: I guess.

Me: Are you keeping busy?

DD: I guess.

Me: Well, I guess I'll let you go then....I love you.

DD: Ok.


Last night, I called her again. Here's how it went this time:

Me: Hi, how are you doing?

DD: Hi Mom!!!! I'm good! Guess what, I made a dog that looks like Frosty!

Me: I can't wait to see it! Did your staff tell you that I'll be coming on Saturday?

DD: No they didn't tell me. You';e coming to visit me??? (with a smile in her voice)

Me: Yes, and Dad might come too, if he can.

DD: Dad too? What time on Saturday?

Me: Well, visiting hours are around supper time, so that's when I'll get there.

DD: Ok.

DD: Mom, I've gotta go, someone else wants to use the phone.

Me: Ok, I love you and I'll see you on Saturday.

DD: I love you too Mom.


Holy cow. I know they've done med changes, but what have they done to her???? Whatever it is, we haven't had a pleasant conversation like this in ages, even if it was a short one. I'm looking forward to seeing her later today.


GB's Mom said...

Wishes for a pleasant and peaceful visit!{{{Hugs}}}

perphila said...

I know that feeling when you don't know what the person you care for with mental illness may or may not be saying about you or your family. Even when you know you haven't done anything outright horrible even the little things you are not proud of that you may have said or done seems to grow in your heart.

If that wasn't bad enough you are trying to brace yourself for the lies you KNOW will be told. The feeling of needed to defend yourself is so strong. It isn't something I don't think you ever get used to but have to learn to cope with and have faith that the hopefully experienced and educated staff you are dealing with will work with you.

I hope your visit went well...:)