Monday, September 21, 2009

That's Awesome!

DH quit smoking Sunday. Here's what happened.

Earlier this past week, he had another appointment with the "stop smoking" guy at the hospital, who was able to prescribe a Nicotrol inhaler for DH. Every day after that DH would tell me he was going to quit the next day, but then he'd put it off until the NEXT day...he was really nervous!

I thought the Nicotrol inhaler might help him because when he quit before, which was a few years before he got sick, one of the things that helped him was to have a cinnamon stick to hold on to and suck on. So I thought combining that with a puff of nicotine would be very helpful. I don't think DH really comprehended the nicotine in the inhaler, I think he was just thinking it was a plastic thing to suck on or something.

But the day came (Saturday) when I told him he had to make up his mind to try, for real. That I spent $50 to buy the Nicotrol inhaler, and he had better give it a good try anyhow. He asked me to pick him up pop from the store. Knowing it would be hard, I agreed to get him some pop. "And cigarettes?" he said. I said "NO." That felt good :-)

So late Sunday afternoon, he finally used his last cigarette. He sat down and put the inhaler together. Read the instructions. Took a little puff.

Then one more puff. And you know what his words were? "This is awesome!!!!!" "It feels like I'm smoking a cigarette! I can almost taste the smoke!" "I'm going to be able to 'smoke' wherever I want to!" He was so excited.

And so am I.

I hope he can stick with it. It'll save me a bunch of money.

P.S. His appointment(s) with the disability doctor are early Monday morning. So I'll get off work and run home, wake him up and hit the road (The appointment is an hour away from home). Not sure what I'm hoping for, but cross your fingers...


perphila said...

Good luck with the appointment.

I hope DH is able to quit. I am so glad I never started. Dodged a bullet on that one. I have my fingers crossed...:)

Sheri said...

That certainly is awesome!