Friday, September 18, 2009

What I would do if DH got SS disability on the first try....

Someone commented to me that they got about $14,000 in back pay for their bipolar disability. I have been thinking.....how great that would be (of course)....so this little post is my fantasy about what if.....
(fantasy disclaimer: I realize that in order to do each and every one of these things, it would probably cost a lot more than $14,000....but hey....it's my fantasy!)

1). Pay all the "little" bills that I can't pay right now, like the dentist.
2). Buy a new water heater.
2 1/2 (tee hee)) Buy a new front door.
3). New roof (of course, since I had to spend the roof money and DH wouldn't have gotten it done anyhow.....
4). Help out the credit cards a little
5). Pay off that damn truck
6). "" damn four-wheeler
7). Buy a pair of jeans that nobody has ever worn before
8). Buy Janet Evanovich's latest book before it hits the thrift store....
9). Get our TV back
10). Take some elderly dogs to the vet.
11). Take some time off work
12). Enroll DD in karate classes again (we had to quit when DH got sick)
13). Call 1-800-GOTJUNK to come and get all the crap that DH has piled up in the yard
14). Buy a better hutch for the buns....they're 6 years old now....and although Mrs. Bun has lost weight, she's still alive and (literally) kicking :-)

Ok. I think that's about all I want. Feels good to think about.


perphila said...

When I feel bad and worry about my cahs flow I have a fantasy or two about winning the lottery and what I would do with the money. I like realizing how little I really. Most of the things I really want don't cost a thing...:)