Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Called home

I was sitting here (at work) worrying about DH. So I risked waking him up and called him just to tell him to go in to the E.R. if he has to, a hospital bill is not THAT big of a deal--and a bill I can't pay, not all that unusual....he said he would go if he had to. He said he took some Nyquil and was going to try to sleep. I'm worried that he has H1N1 (swine flu), but he didn't have a fever....? I know he must really be sick if he hasn't been smoking.....that's scary in itself--because he is SO addicted!

So I told him that if he makes it through the night, he needed to go to the clinic asap in the morning. He pretended like I was being bossy, but said he would.

I'll keep you posted (probably not until tomorrow, though, as I'm leaving work in about an hour).


perphila said...


You're right about being safe than sorry and dealing with the bill later. I had a cousin who had a tummy ache for a long time but she didn't have insurance so didn't go to the doctor. Finally it hurt so bad she went to the ER. She had had a blood clot and because she waited she lost all her lower intestines. She died a week later. It was a scary lesson. As a matter of fact I am paying down the bill I got from when I had the ultrasound on my leg a while back when they thought I might have had a blood clot. I didn't thank god but I think I made the right call even if I have to pay nearly $300 for it because my insurance felt it was "unnessary". Please.