Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today's Conversation

DH: Hey, you awake?
Me: Uh....
DH: I don't suppose you have an extra $40, do you?
Me: What do you need $40 for, and no, I don't.
DH: Well, I need pop, and I thought I'd buy some gas, too.
Me: Drink Koolaid.
DH: I can't!!!!
Me: Why not?
DH: Because I can't carry it outside when I'm splitting wood!
Me: Use a Thermos.
DH: I'll do something for you.....?
Me: Drink Koolaid.
Me: Are you out of gas?
DH: Well, not yet.
DH: Oh. I forgot to tell you, we're going to need gas for the 4-wheeler too.
Me: Ok, get me a gas can. I've got to get duck food anyhow.
DH: Can I come with?
Me: No.

Not only did this conversation wake me out of a sound sleep, but after it was over, even though I stood my ground, I wound up feeling like a big meanie. And I know I shouldn't. I buy things for me once in a while. Like a pop. Or a magazine. Really not very often. But I'm the one making the money, right? So is it wrong for me to buy little luxuries for me and not buy him pop? No, I know it's not, when I remember that I bought him pop and cigarettes two days ago. So why do I feel like a meanie?

DH: I've got to go into town.
Me: Why?
DH: My mom is sending me a twenty from Western Union.
Me: You're kidding, right?
DH: No, I was out of gas.

I wish I could explain to his mom where the money doesn't go. But it is hard for me to say no to him, too....so I suspect it'll be just as hard or harder for his mom to say no to him. ARGH.


Karen said...

Fantastic. This gave me a good giggle and am so glad soemone else suffers the same totally unreasonable guilt.

Anonymous said...

He woke you up to ask for money and YOU worry about seeming mean? You were getting some much-needed rest after working two jobs and he had the nerve to wake you up and ask for money for soda pop. I'd say he's the mean one. Soda is bad for his health. So are cigarettes. Since he doesn't work I don't see what he needs gas for. He'd contribute more by staying home and fixing all the things that need fixing.
I would not hesitate to tell his mother how he spends the money she sends him. An adult man asking his mother for $20 is just wrong. Plus, he never did the work at her house that he promised to do, did he?
Tell him you need your sleep and not to wake you up again unless the house is on fire. Or unless he gets a job.

perphila said...

Where did the gas go? He told you he wasn't out of gas yet then after he presumably called his mom and asked her for money it's gone? He had the ability to get on the phone to ask for money so he should be able to call around and ask for a job humm? Oh well. You are not a meanie but I understand how you can feel that way. You shouldn't by any means. He woke you up! I would have clawed his eyes out but then again I am really out of it when I'm tired..:)

Story of our Life said...


I'm really sorry he woke you up. I understand your frustration.