Sunday, April 19, 2009

Guess what we did on Friday?

We took a 2 hour drive to another part of the state, to a Social Security office. Yep, we sat down with someone and the application has been filled out!!!! I couldn't believe it!!!

I know that everything I've read says that 70% of first time applications are denied, so the odds of anything are relatively slim. So I'm trying so very hard not to get my hopes up. It will probably be 4 months before we know for sure, then we would have 60 days to appeal. I alternate between getting all hopeful and telling myself to shut up.

If DH got disability, he would get $1400 a month!!! That is way more than what I take home from my part time job.....so many possibilities.....just the thought of getting that truck and 4 wheeler paid off make me giddy!!! Because then I would have some spending money again.....and not just "guilty" spending money, but money I could plan on spending on something besides bills. I could put money into savings. I could take the animals to the vet when they need it, not when I can afford it....DD could have clothes that didn't come from the thrift shop. Woo hoo!!!

Ok, Carol...70% don't get it on the first try. So shut up.

See what I mean?????


elanor said...

I have my fingers crossed for you that you get it!

Accidental Mommy said...

Praying for a speedy approval!

Story of our Life said...

(((HUGS))) I know the process is long and hard. Trust me - I know from experience.

If you would like I can/could email you with some information or just 'thoughts' that might be helpful.

Shoot me an email ( I believe you have it) if you would like me to. It is pretty long to post on here, and we all know I can/do get long winded.

Retro pay is GREAT!! So even if the claim is initially denied, you MUST file an appeal. Short end of a long story, after you wait the VERY VERY LONG appeal time...the retro pay is great!! It helps a ton!!


Elizabeth B. Alexander said...

Sometimes you can't help but get hope of possibilities. My husband is just applying for a job that is extremely competitive and I've found myself sitting around and thinking about moving, more money, etc.

Elizabeth B. Alexander said...

Oh, and good luck!!

Karen said...

You'll get it.
Then you can pay bills, take animals, buy clothes, and have a well deserved day at the spa (yeah right!).
Holding thumbs.

Stacy said...

I am hopeful for you. I was approved on my first shot and had my back check withing 4 months, and I am on it for mental illness. Good luck!

Grace. said...


Think seriously about hiring an experienced attorney who does ONLY Social Security work. They usually charge 25% of the initial lump sum, and it is well worth it. Language is so important in these claims, and good SSA attorneys practically write the letters for the doctors. They also direct the testimony in ways you and your husband might not consider. [ex: when asked by vocational experts, clients often say "Yes, I could pick bad potato chips off a conveyer belt but there are no such jobs in my city." Wrong answer! You have to say "Gee, I could do that for maybe an hour, but then I'd have to take a two hour break."] You may wind up mostly meeting with a paralegal, but that's OK--they are whizzes at organizing information and getting updates. Keep in mind that the initial application and reconsideration are usually losses. But 50% of denied claims are overturned at the hearing. Evidence and proper language is crucial.

perphila said...

Don't forget to be happy that DH crossed that hurdle to even file. That was a huge step.

Getting prepared for the next step should be the focus. If DH is approved right off that would be great. If not then if you are already prepared for the appeal then you will have one less worry off your mind. Talking to a S.S. attorney of a great idea. You can get a consultation for free if you are worried about the cost of hiring someone. You are being very smart to not get ahead of yourself with this. Congrats on what you guys have already achieved and I am praying for the rest!