Monday, April 13, 2009

How was your Easter?

Mine was pretty disappointing, for sure. I got off work at 8am and ran home to grab the crockpot and supplies, then I ran to my mom's and got the ham in the crockpot and all that....

I got home from her house at about 10:30am. I slept until 3pm and went back over there to finish cooking. We had ham, candied sweet potatoes, au gratin potatoes, rolls, and a fruit/marshmallow salad. Nothing was exceptional, but nothing was terrible, either. I didn't have a lot of energy to put into everything, but it's important to my mom to have a dinner on Easter, so we did.

My mom kept asking me what she could do to help. So I put the ingredients together for the fruit salad and told her she could stir it up. She was using the spoon to stab the salad, stab-stab-stab....to chop it up, and when I told her all she had to do was stir it, she didn't know how and said she couldn't do that. So I stirred it....then she still wanted to help, so I told her she could set the table. But she didn't know the difference between cereal bowls and plates. It made me sad. Luckily, just as I was trying to find a gentle way to help her succeed, DH walked in and asked how he could help, so I suggested that they set the table together....thank goodness!!!

After the meal, my mom did wipe off the table, I think she felt good about that....and then I did the dishes, DH went to pick up DD from a friend's house. So I threw in a load of laundry as long as I was there at my mom's ....and when it was dry, my mom wanted to help fold the laundry, but I could tell it wasn't one of her best days....I hoped I was wrong, though. I usually give her the towels and the panties to fold, and I fold the rest. Today she held up a pair of panties and asked me what they were. After I told her, she folded them, but it was sad that she didn't know.

And DH? Well, I knew he wasn't buying me Easter candy, LOL....but he did give me another coupon book, with lots of very cool coupons, like one for he will make dinner including side dishes....and one where he will do certain other chores that he doesn't usually do....unfortunately, the thing with those coupons is I have to wait until he's in the right state of mind to use them....otherwise nothing will get done and I will get frustrated. And lately, things haven't been too good as far as state of mind. But you know, I always gave DD and DH an Easter basket, and DH would always feel bad because he didn't give me anything for Easter...this time he did, and that in itself is pretty cool.

I know deep down, that he loves me. And I love him too. But, to clarify, I DO NOT love "That Guy" at all. I know it's been "That Guy" in my house lately. I fantasize about divorcing "That Guy". But sometimes little things like those coupons help me remember that my DH is still in there, too....


Queenneenee said...

I'm glad you got to spend Easter with your Mommy. I sure do miss my mom, shes been gone for WOW 12 years now. She was soooo young when she passed. Even with your mom's issues right now, I bet it was still nice for both of you to spend the holiday together.

perphila said...

Hey...Ham. If you have the ham then all is right with the world...:)

Karen said...

Underneath that guy is the guy that you do it all for.
Koodoo's to your mom and the precious time you spent together. I had my mom over too, and it was great to see her pile her plate, over and over ...hehehe.
A sense of humour is so important hey?!

Anonymous said...

You work two jobs, take care of your mom, deal with your DH and your DD and still make a delicious Easter dinner?
Kudos to YOU!