Thursday, April 9, 2009

Crossing my fingers for Depakote

Well, we finally got to the pdoc, who determined that the Abilify, if it was doing anything, was making things worse, so that has been discontinued. And DH's Lamictal dose has been lowered from 300mg to 100mg, because it would interact with his new Depakote prescription (yay!).

The pdoc is concerned about DH's moods fluctuating, and with the spending, too. So here we are, moving on to the "next good thing".

DH reported to the pdoc that his back hurts really bad, and he feels like getting a new tattoo(!) and that at the moment, he doesn't regret the stupid ones he got when he was manic before(!). That's a huge sign that something's worse than it was before. And DH kept telling me, "If you're going to divorce me, please let me know how much time I have to get my stuff out of here...."

LOL, a couple of times I almost took him up on that, but I bit my tongue and remembered that I married him "in sickness and in health...."

I have to confess, though, sometimes I think things would be so much easier....

I guess I've never been one to take the "easy way out", though, huh?

And the best part yet? The pdoc had oodles of Depakote samples, so I didn't have to come up with more money!


Stacy said...

Good luck! Depakote was horrible for my son. He got irritable and violent within days of starting it.

Miz Kizzle said...

I hope this med works for him. It's interesting that he brought up divorce. it indicates that he knows he's put you through hell. In a way it's a good sign. It would be really disturbing if he were acting as if his behavior of the past couple of years was unremarkable.

perphila said...

Samples sure are great. Not just to the pocket book but also why buy a whole perscription if it becomes obvious quickly that it isn't going to help? I hope this helps.