Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New kind of crazy....

Well, things with my mom have not changed very much. The Seroquel did make her sleep, but it seemed to do nothing for her delusions/hallucinations, so they theorized that she was possibly extremely anxious, instead. So they started her on Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug, and it seems to be helping. She still gets worked up, but is making more sense now.

Today, we had a "care conference", with the therapists, the nursing staff, the dietary people, etc., and I learned that the results of a preliminary cognitive test show that currently my mom is functioning at a 4-year-old level, needing lots of prompts to do her activities of daily living. To me, that seems shocking, but then I don't know where she was before this happened. Probably less than 10, for sure. I guess nobody needs to say that you can't expect a 4 year old to live by herself, so right now, going back to her apartment is not realistic.

She still seems angry and depressed. And I found out that they were giving her Vicodin, because they were thinking that the confusion may have been caused by pain that she wasn't able to communicate. But now she is (in a general sense) making more sense, and still does not complain of pain, so I want them to stop the Vicodin, unless they can give me a valid, firmly rooted reason why she should be on it.

I'm so stressed out.

And yesterday, DD went to her "girls group", which is a group that her caseworker has, where teen girls who have problems with friendships can get together and have fun in a supervised setting. DD chose instead to get into a fight, and got brought home. Where she started screaming at the top of her lungs and saying that she was going to kill herself. When I tried to get her to lie down and take a nap, she tried to intimidate me, screamed in my ear and told me to "go to......" "work". (haha, I guess she knows what happens when you tell your mom to go someplace else)...
Anyhow, so that led to an emergency therapy session today, so I was really late to work. Jeez.

I'm so stressed out.

But all in all, my mom is relatively stable, and DD is sleeping. I'm working, back at work after a week off. I can't believe I had the foresight back in January, to know that I was going to need a week of vacation last week....I didn't have much relaxation, of course, but I didn't have to worry about work and my mom, too.

I'm still not giving up hope that my mom can go back to her apartment. But I willingly admit that I might be in denial. Time will tell.

P.S. DH just called me to tell me that he did a load of laundry. I hope he folded it. I can't remember the last time he did laundry. I am so grateful that the Depakote seems to be stabilizing him, because I don't know what I could do if everyone was unstable at once.....


Manic Mother said...

Sounds like mama needs a xanax too!