Sunday, July 26, 2009

I've been missing you!

Hi everyone, I'm very sorry I haven't been blogging much recently....it seems like I'm always in such a hurry with working, taking care of my mom, and DH and DD too....someone at work asked me tonite why I'm always in such a rush :-) I don't know them well, though, so I couldn't just try to explain....I just made an excuse and went on....but it made me think....

By February, DH's truck will be paid off. That will put us back into "wiggle room" range again. But until then, things are scary, as usual. DH went in for some out-of-the-ordinary blood work that his doctor ordered, and we didn't know, but the tests were sent to a city hospital for analysis, so now we have a bill for our $300 deductible, even though nobody was in the hospital--doesn't that just suck????? I feel so powerless when I'm up against those insurance companies. If we had known that the tests were going to cost us that much, well, they were just basically to satisfy the Dr.'s curiosity, not because they were absolutely necessary.... I don't know how we're going to pay that....maybe I'll ask for some extra hours at work or something.....sigh

My friend Anita's mom died on Tuesday night. I knew as soon as I pulled into the parking lot at work and didn't see Anita's car. Kind of strange, but the visitation is tomorrow and the funeral is on Monday. I hate funerals, but this is one tht I really have to go to. Anita seems to be holding up ok, but I know she was close to her mom, and that she did a lot of things to help her mom in recent years, too. And I remember when Anita's husband died, how she wouldn't let anyone know how brokenhearted she was, but how she reminded me, when things were hard with DH, that not having a husband is very lonely and sad....

My mom is remembering her old routine at the assisted living place. We are leaving her alone for a couple of hours a day now, and she seems comfortable. This evening we brought her to Hardees for a burger and fries, where she said, "Nothing compares to this!" (I keep thinking back to not very long ago, where the only words she was speaking were my name, and my heart smiles)...then we went to a parade in town. I wish I would've taken some pictures, but I'm really bad about that. Suffice it to say, we enjoyed the parade. I think my mom would've been happy just watching all the little kids, and forget about the parade....but however, she did seem to enjoy herself.

DH continues to be stable for the most part. He's really been a big help with my mom, staying over there on nights when I have to work, etc., and today he changed the oil in my car, too. I still find myself needing to "lower my expectations" now and then, though, because lately things seem to break at our house faster than he can muster up the gumption to fix them....but I never thought I'd see the day when he changed my oil again....I can do it myself, but I hate putting the car on those ramps, I'm always afraid I'm going to drive over the edge...so I let him do that....anyhow, I think changing my oil made him feel good about himself, too. He's doing so good the pdoc doesn't need to see him back until October!

We are still drowning in pee at our house, between Sarah and Kirby, we really go through the "puppy pads"...and towels and floor cleaner....but today Kirby was begging for me to accidentally drop my supper and I was still so happy to know that he was still with us....despite the pee. That'll be over sooner rather than later, and I'll miss my dog(s) so much, I'd just rather deal with the pee right now. There doesn't seem to be much else to do....we have been trying to put Sarah out for most of the day, but we tried putting her out at night and she barked and barked....and I was afraid that our neighbors sleeping with windows open, would get grumpy, so I brought her back in....I guess if we commit to having her be outside, at least for the summer, I need to spend more time doing it, so that it's not such a sudden change for her....still undecided on the whole thing, as we really couldn't keep her outside in the winter, she's too old for that....I remember when the house used to be clean....

But really, things have been calming down again. I am hopeful that we can keep things this hopeful and positive until deer hunting season, at least (that's November!)....I'm feeling very grateful lately, and I wanted to tell all of you, if you prayed for my mom, or anyone else in my family, it appears your prayers were heard and answered...Thanks so much. I have definitely been blessed.


perphila said...

I'm sorry about your friends mom. Nothing prepares you for losing a parent.

I am so glad DH is improving. His timing was good considering the things that had been going on with your mom.

Speaking of your mom...Good news there too! I am still praying. Can never get enough of that!